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Nursing home alarms Manchester

12 September 2012

Nursing home alarms are wired electronic devices that are commonly installed in health care and home health care facilities. It provides two-way audio and visual signaling between nurses and patients, as well as providing a means of communications between the nursing staff. Installing the Nurse Call System requires installing a master station and video monitor which displays registered patients, in addition to their order of priority and time of origin. The system, once installed, enables nurses and patients to also provide bedside entertainment control options, as well as enabling nurses to monitor and maintain the health of the patient.

Providing quality care and outstanding service is essential to establishing a reputation of excellence for your hospital within your community. Observing and testing the front line of interaction and care provided by your nursing staff is vital to ensuring your patients receive the care they need while staying in your facility. A simple program can be set up to test your nurse call system in your hospital and monitor the response time of your nursing staff.

What to do after the nurse alarm has been installed?

Test the mechanics of the call button first. Pull the call button cord out of the wall and walk to the area, usually outside the patient's room at their doorway, to notice if the call light is blinking. Replace the cord back into the wall and depress the call button. Observe the hallway light to note if it is lit. If the light does not work with either of these tests, then notify your maintenance personnel immediately to arrange for the call button and call light to be fixed. Consider checking each call button quarterly to reduce the risk of poor quality of care.

Locate a patient's room that is currently occupied but temporarily vacated by the patient who is at a test for a period of time. Go into the room and close the door slightly or close the curtain to hide your location. Try to enter the room without any staff noticing your presence. Wait for about 5 minutes and then depress the call light. Use a stopwatch to track the amount of time it takes your nursing staff to appropriately respond. Recommended call-light response time should range from 30 to 90 seconds.

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