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Wireless Nurse Call Equipment

23 November 2012

Wireless Nurse Call Equipment

Heracles are a family run firm established in 1989 and our low overheads means our products are great value for money.  For more information on Wireless Nurse Call Equipment contact us at www.heracles.co.uk or call us on 01257 483733

The Wireless Nurse Call Equipment is a radio based system for visually and audibly alerting nursing staff to calls from patients or other members of staff. Because it is radio based, it is infinitely expandable depending on your requirements at any given time.

By working with customers to design new products for the care industry the company is now firmly established as a leading manufacturer of high quality, innovative, bespoke, wireless nurse call systems. These were traditionally referred to as radio nurse call systems.

We are committed to giving a high quality service, from initial consultation and installation, to ongoing customer service. Our client base includes the private family-run care home to the multi-national care home group as well as hospitals and NHS trusts.

Heracles, Wireless Nurse Call Equipment is an advanced nurse call communication system, designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the Department of Health's:  The system is quick and efficient to install, readily expandable and simple to maintain. Modular design allows for a wide choice in system configuration and enables straightforward future upgrade or modification. The system provides high reliability with minimal maintenance. 

Heracles, Wireless Nurse Call Equipment are the UK's leading manufacturer of wireless nurse call systems. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, our experience with radio nurse call technology allows us to provide the very best nurse call products and excellent after sales support.

The versatility of the revolutionary Heracles nurse call system is proving to be a must-have throughout the care industry. Whether for NHS hospital trusts or a small care home, the Heracles system with touch-screen technology and two way call acknowledgement can provide absolute accountability and call tracking in one unit. With excellent reliability and all the advantages of being wireless, no other product on the market compares with this high end nurse call solution. Complete multi-zone flexibility means this system can be easily adapted to any organisational unit. Given its modular and wireless design the system is simple to maintain and incredibly intuitive

Almost none of the considerations and constraints inherent in a conventional hard wired nurse call system apply because there is virtually no wiring, plus installation causes minimal disruption to your premises and therefore to your staff and patients.

Your system can be as small or as large as you want, as each nurse call system is configured to suit your individual requirements - your Heracles sales consultant will be able to advise you on the best set up for you.

For more information on Wireless Nurse Call Equipment contact Heracles on www.heracles.co.uk or call us on 01257 483733

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